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Social Work Licensing Requirements Vary By State.

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Social work is a challenging, yet very rewarding, career with opportunities available in a number of settings.


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Social Workers holding an MSW report earning $29,100 more than those holding only a bachelor’s degree.


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  • This is great info for students looking into dual degrees in social work. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of dual degrees.

Dual Degrees in Social Work: Is it Right for Me?

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Dual Degrees in Social Work: Is it Right for Me? Social work as a field of academic study is by nature interdisciplinary – it draws from various traditional academic disciplines, such as sociology and psychology, [...]

  • Social Work Self Care: Simply Paying Attention

How Important is Self Care for Social Workers?

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Social Workers and Social Work Self Care Social work self care: Some years ago I owned and operated a yoga and wellness studio in my hometown. One day when I was participating in a Mindfulness [...]

  • How to Help a Victim of Bullying in Schools

Bullying in Schools: How Social Workers Can Help Prevent It

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Bullying in Schools: How Common is it? Bullying in schools has long been an issue that is dealt with by parents with their kids in one way or another when their child is school. Bullying [...]