If you’re looking for social work related content on the vast world wide web, hashtags are a great way to find sources from various social media platforms and blog posts. Following a social work hashtag is an easy way to seamlessly integrate social work content into your existing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. You can also join the conversation by tagging your own posts.

These are our top 5 social work hashtags to follow to keep up with ongoing, online social work conversations:

    1. #WhySocialWork

This hashtag has been around for several years now to spawn conversation around the many reasons social work practitioners chose to enter the social work profession. Tagged posts range from very personal stories of abuses and injustices witnessed or experienced to broad policy issues and needed structural changes. Many posts feature images of social workers holding a hand-written sign that shares their reasons for choosing a social work career, and some include useful infographics and practical information. Follow #WhySocialWork and share your own reasons for choosing to be a social worker by using the hashtag on your own posts!

2. #MacroSW5 Social Work Hashtags You Should Follow

Social work is often recognized for its clinical and direct practice aspects, but the profession is also concerned with macro-level societal issues. The #MacroSW hashtag raises awareness of issues in macro social work practice. MacroSW.com popularized and moderates this hashtag, and hosts a live twitter conversation through the hashtag every Thursday at 9pm EST. The hashtag is an effective tool for promoting macro social work practice, which according to MacroSW.com “focuses on changing larger systems, such as communities and organizations. It encompasses a broad spectrum of actions and ideas, ranging from community organizing and education to legislative advocacy and policy analysis.”

3. #SocialWorkCareers

This popular hashtag spreads information about the many career paths a social worker can choose. Many social work educational programs and professional organizations use the hashtag frequently on their posts, as well as individuals adding to the conversation on careers in social work. This is a great hashtag to follow for up to date information from reputable sources within the social work field.

4. #MSWStudent

This hashtag is a forum for MSW students to share their experiences of graduate education in social work. Posts using this hashtag often provide relevant educational information, and many share personal stories of the triumphs and challenges of studying social work at the graduate level. Students share news about their educational journeys, like getting accepted into an MSW program, receiving their first field placement, being honored with awards and recognition, and graduating from their programs. The stories are inspiring, especially for those in academia and looking to connect with MSW students.

5. #LCSW

LCSW stands for Licensed Clinical Social Worker – the highest level of social work licensure attainable in the United States. The LCSW hashtag is used to share information about clinical licensure, job postings for those who possess clinical licensure, and the work experiences of licensed clinical social workers. Following this hashtag is a must for those social workers pursuing or considering pursuing clinical licensure, and is a great way to connect with others who have gone through the rigorous process.



Mental health is a huge focus for social workers, especially those working in clinical settings. While the #mentalhealth hashtag isn’t exclusive to social work, it is a great forum for interdisciplinary conversation amongst professionals and organizations working on mental health issues.


This hashtag is mostly used in the month of March to celebrate national Social Work Month, but by searching for it, you can see the hashtag’s archives which include a lot of wonderful posts celebrating social workers and the work that they do. Be sure to follow it so you can be a part of the conversation next March.


Because social justice is a core social work value, it is only natural for social workers to follow this hashtag to stay informed about social justice topics. Posts using the hashtag cover a wide range of topics, and often include links to news stories and resources for professionals interested in social justice work.

5 Social Work Hashtags You Should Follow
Article Name
5 Social Work Hashtags You Should Follow
Following a social work hashtag is an easy way to seamlessly integrate social work content into your existing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.