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5 Leading Social Workers Influencing the Industry

How five leading social workers are influencing the industry today – shaping the nature of modern social work research, theory and service delivery. The social worker environment is full of inspiring individuals working at all levels of the field. The nature of the industry and the role social work plays in society means it attracts people who are passionate about doing [...]

Attention Social Workers: Understanding Addiction Recovery Groups. Observing a 12-Step Recovery Group through the Lens of Group Work

Abstract 12 step addiction recovery groups like Alcoholics Anonymous can be seen as some of the longest-running and most prolific resources of community-based support for people struggling with addiction and substance abuse issues in the U.S. The following study is the first-person account of the author, a social worker, attending an open meeting on the [...]

A Social Worker’s Guide to Immigrant Status Series: Part 1: Undocumented Immigrants

In U.S. society, immigrants of all classes continue to be one of the most oppressed and marginalized groups due to structural disadvantages perpetuated by an immigration system that lacks an understanding of the global politics compelling migration patterns and fail to recognize the basic human rights of persons not born on U.S. soil. The knowledge [...]