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Shari Davis, MSW, LISW has 31 years of working in school social work with elementary and high school students. Shari’s expertise includes groups, individuals, parenting and serving on IEP teams, as well as, being a case manager for children on an IEP. Shari’s areas of expertise include: anxiety, depression, ASD, grief, social skills, LGBT groups, family change, classroom management, children in foster care, trauma and other mental health issues as they affect children and parents.
5 06, 2017

What it Takes to be a Successful Social Worker

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Successfully Being a Social Worker Social work is both rewarding and demanding. Being a social worker takes a certain kind of person, and a certain kind of passion, to help individuals and families restore their capacity for social functioning, as well as create the right conditions that support communities in need. First and foremost, the [...]

1 03, 2017

Diversity Spotlight: Working With Clients Who Don’t Look Like You

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Told & Contributed by Shari Davis, MSW I had the privilege of working in a school district whose goals were to increase the math and reading scores of black students. My district understood that very soon white children would be the minority in our district and in the country and that it was imperative to [...]

31 10, 2016

Is It OK To Google Clients?

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Ethics of Using Social Media and Search to “Google” Clients During a recent required social work ethics course to keep my social work license up to date, the class discussed whether it was appropriate or ethical to "google" or use social media to find information for contextual background on their clients. This discussion is fairly [...]

8 09, 2016

Facilitating The Many Faces of Grief

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Grief And Loss Theory in Social Work: Providing Grief Counseling Contributed by Shari Davis, MSW, LISW This week, Minnesota began to grieve. 26 years after young 11 year-old, Jacob Wetterling was abducted, we learned of his horrific death. His family and the entire community of Minnesota, and perhaps the vast majority of the United States, [...]

30 08, 2016

Blended Families: The Realness of The Brady Bunch

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Blended Family: A family consisting of a couple and their children from this and all previous relationships. In my Family Social Science class I learned that by 2000 there would be more stepfamilies than families of orientation.   What images are created in people’s mind when they think of a blended family, the Brady Bunch? Do [...]

7 07, 2016

Founding (One of the First!) High School LGBT Group in Minnesota

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LGBT Social Work: We Have Come A Long Way But Still Have More To Go Contributed by Shari Davis, MSW, LISW As a social worker in an upper economic suburban Minnesota high school, I facilitated a variety of groups. Teen issues, grief, eating issues were most typical.  Students were referred to me by parents, teachers, [...]