Social Work Fields of Practice Information

Learn About the Different Social Work Fields of Practice


One of the social work fields of practice where the social worker will learn about the aging process and how it affects physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Gain the knowledge you need to help individuals and their families to access resources, consider dependent care options, and prepare to deal with potential loss and grief.

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Child Welfare

Advocate for children and adolescents who need extra support to succeed in their environments. Learn to work in settings such as adoption and foster care agencies, residential facilities, and preventive and protective services. You’ll contribute to positive change for future generations.

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Criminal Justice/ Corrections

Gain the skills to aid individuals within the criminal justice environment or affect the policies at local and state levels. Work with at-risk populations to prevent entry into the correctional system, and support those who are seeking to change their behavioral patterns.

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Drug and Alcohol/ Addictive Behaviors

One of the social work fields of practice where the social worker will apply theories such as Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) to address the effects of addiction on individuals and their families. Aid in developing treatment plans, educate those in your community to prevent entry into addictive patterns or consider the medical aspects of drug and alcohol addiction as you study.

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Education/ School Social Work

Support students with mental and emotional needs in their educational settings. You’ll discover methodologies for early intervention, addressing challenges associated with special education, and assisting with classroom entry and placement.

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Family Services

Develop your understanding of preventative family and community support. Help families to gain the skills they need to cope with stress and strengthen relationships for lasting positive change.

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Healthcare / Public Health

Connect patients with vital resources and aid in the deterrence of recurring preventative illnesses. Address the emotional and mental needs of patients in tandem with their medical care to provide holistic, comprehensive treatment.

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Increase your awareness of the community resources available to individuals and families at risk for homelessness. Work to bring about stability and peace of mind for those whose living conditions are in jeopardy.

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Mental Health

Work with a diverse group of human service professionals to address the ongoing needs of individuals affected by mental illness. Learn the skills needed for crisis response, ongoing treatment, and community integration.

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Military Support

Military personnel and their families, after experiencing frequent periods of transition, the rigors of combat, and exposure to traumatic events, are often in need of support services.  Social workers assist with many aspects of military and veteran personnel support.

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Gain the specialized knowledge needed to work in settings such as women’s health centers and domestic violence shelters. Become an advocate for women with a foundation in social work theory and practice.

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