Women’s advocacy and social work intersect in many ways, from treatment for domestic violence, to locating support for single mothers, to ensuring equality for women worldwide. Social workers may seek to combat human trafficking and slavery, intervening in victims’ lives with recovery programs and ongoing supports.

Specialists around the world often focus on equal rights for women. Advocacy may center on fair wage and job treatment, access to education, opportunities for affordable childcare and healthcare, and access to a safe, positive living environment.  Social work with women is often a component of work with children and families, as women’s issues could relate to a need to support a family while working.  Educational roles may also allow social workers to teach health and life skills to pregnant women and new mothers, giving women and their young children the resources they need to thrive.

Typical Roles and Responsibilities of Social Workers Specializing in Women’s Advocacy

Roles in this field vary; some opportunities include:

  • Case management or other roles within community and government agencies
  • Advocacy and support via the criminal justice system, protecting women who are victims of domestic violence
  • Community education to prevent human trafficking
  • Management for anti-trafficking programs

Social work with women offers a unique opportunity to specialize at the clinical level (working with individuals and families) or on a macro (policy-focused) basis. Social workers may desire to interact in a hands-on environment, or may seek roles that allow them to bring about change within communities and organizations through program implementation and work with government policies.

Average Salary

Since roles in the field of women’s advocacy vary greatly, salary ranges are diverse. Government agencies employ family social workers with an average salary of around $60,000 annually, and other roles may bring an average yearly wage between $40,000 and $50,000.

Education & Experience Requirements

While women’s advocates may enter the field with varied educational and experiential backgrounds, licensure in the social work field offers opportunity and a path to career growth.  Those who want to work directly with individuals and their families should seek an accredited clinical option; learn about several clinical master’s degrees in social work here.

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