Fellowships for MSWs Part 2: Specialized OpportunitiesMany social work fellowships are offered to students and graduates interested in working with particular populations or within certain practice arenas. Currently, several fellowships focus on aging, due to the great need for social service workers in this area. A number of other fellowships focus on public policy and and leadership development in the social services. Many fellowships are specifically geared toward social work students and graduates who want to work in the field of mental health and are pursuing advanced clinical training. Numerous clinical training fellowships are university-based, offering fellows the opportunity to work in clinical services within the university system.

All of these opportunities offer MSW students and graduates invaluable opportunities to advance their knowledge and skills, while developing a professional network of mentors and peers working in similar areas.

Practice Change Fellows Program

The Practice Change Fellows Program is offered through Leaders in Geriatric Care, and offers opportunities to nurses, physicians, and social workers to advance their skills in work with older adults over a two-year time period. Fellows design and implement an intervention program for the aging population, and are able to hold a full-time job during the fellowship duration. The fellowship aims “to develop leadership skills and content expertise in order to positively influence care for older adults.”

Health and Aging Policy Fellowship

The Health and Aging Policy Fellowship offers two different options for fellows: a residential placement opportunity in Washington, D.C. or a project-based opportunity focused on health policy. The program’s goal is “to provide professionals in health and aging with the experience and skills necessary to help lead this effort, and in so doing, shape a healthy and productive future for older Americans.”

Presidential Management Fellowship

The government-based Presidential Management Fellowship “is a flagship leadership development program at the entry level for advanced degree candidates.” The program aims to develop leaders with a passion for public service who will work in government positions. Fellows often go on to work in state and federal agencies, such as the Department of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and the Department of Health, amongst others.

Network for Social Work Management Fellowship

The Network for Social Work Management Fellowship “offers practical training in social work management for emerging and mid-career leaders seeking new experiences and skill sets.” The program aims to connect social work management with policy analysis, advocacy, and evaluation.

American Psychoanalytic Association Fellowship

Open to social workers and other mental health professionals, this fellowship focuses on deepening skills in psychoanalysis. The fellowship “provides an opportunity to gain knowledge about psychoanalysis and become involved in your local and national psychoanalytic community.”

Boston Children’s Hospital Social Work Fellowships

Boston Children’s Hospital offers residential fellowships to recent MSW graduates that focus on advanced clinical training. Various departments within the hospital offers positions to fellows to gain specialized skills working with particular populations.

University-Based Fellowships
Numerous universities offer fellowships to recent MSW graduates aiming to hone their clinical skills by working in counseling. These professional training opportunities offer fellows positions in counseling and psychological services within the university system. Universities offering social work fellowships include:

University of Michigan Post Master of Social Work Fellowship in Counseling and Psychological Services

Emory University Post-MSW Fellowship in Counseling and Psychological Services

Yale University Postgraduate Fellowship in Social Work

University of California Berkeley Post-MSW Fellowship in Clinical Social Work

Fellowships for MSWs Part 2: Specialized Opportunities
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Fellowships for MSWs Part 2: Specialized Opportunities
Social work fellowships are offered to students/graduates interested in particular populations. See what specialized opportunities are here.