Top 20 Signs You Know You’re a Social Worker

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  1. You think $30,000 (or if you’re lucky, $40,000) a year is A LOT.

    Little Dog I Get Money

  2. You often work two or more jobs to make ends meet.

    Rihanna Work Work Work Work Work

  1. You can turn anything negative that a client says into a positive.

    Oh Yah Can Do!

  1. You laugh at somethings that other people are stunned by…..

    Minions Laughing

  2. You think nothing about discussing abuse, or other odd topics during dinner.

    Daria Awkrward Family Dinner

  1. You are up on all the new lingo for pharmaceutical drugs, how much they cost, and where to get them from.

    Pharmaceutical Drugs Expert

  2. You know where every bathroom stop is on your route for the day.

    Elmo Potty Time

  3. You hear all the time from people “I don’t know how you do it”.superwoman caption meme

  1. You struggle to juggle your work life and home life with one calendar.

    Honey Boo Boo Juggling

  2. You carry extra clothes in your car, because you never know when you may need them.

    Lisa Simpson - Can't Get The Smell of Slurry Out of My Clothes

  1. You are out with friends and you start giving them resources on everything they are talking about.

    But That's None Of My Business

  2. You take vacation time just to get a “mental health break”.

    Homer - Sane Again

  1. You daily use your list of “Stress relievers”.

    Office Stress Reliever

  1. You answer all “unknown” numbers on your phone because you think one of your clients just got a new number.

    Answer Every Call

  2. You work late just to catch up on all the paperwork stacked up on your desk.

    Forgot to turn paperwork in

  3. Your exhausted after a day’s work but you keep pushing though.

    Exhausted after a long day - Chandler from 'Friends'

  4. You are called a psychiatrist or psychologist on a weekly basis (and people think it’s a compliment), and have to consistently correct people that you are a social worker.

    You're Wrong

  5. You neglect your own problems because you’re too busy solving everyone else’s.

    Let me solve your problem

  6. You have more miles on your vehicle than you care to think about.

    Car Mileage

  7. And last but not least… you know how to enjoy a good cocktail or know when a happy hour is needed.

    Winning Happy Hour

You Know You're a Social Worker When
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You Know You're a Social Worker When
To a non-social worker these sound ridiculous, but for fellow social workers who know the day is long but the rewards are high... allow our Top 20 "You Know You're a Social Worker When..." list to add a smile to your face.
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