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Current Social Work Petitions:

Educational Debt Relief Petition

Social workers are about change….

And sometimes that change can go into your pocket. The average social worker has between $25,000 and $33,000 in debt and almost 45% of social workers make under $40,000 annually. Sign the petition to support better wages that reflect the hard work that goes into a social worker’s day.

Sign the Educational Debt Relief Petition

Social Work Student Loan Petition

An Open Letter Delivered to University of Maryland Baltimore’s Board of Regents to take an active role in advocating for training, legislation, and loan forgiveness.

This petition calls on the University to:

  • Support and advocate for legislation that will provide funding for training, tuition assistance, and loan forgiveness for social workers.
  • Engage in open, sincere dialogue with students and take every measure possible to maintain affordable, high-quality education, and a diverse student body.

Sign the Social Work Student Loan Petition

Social Work Reinvestment Act Petition

Reinvesting where change is created.

The Social Work Reinvestment Act would support Social Work in the following ways: Competitive and fair wages, tuition assistance/loan forgiveness, recruitment and retention, continuing education and research,  national licensing/ title protection.

Sign the Social Work Reinvestment Act Petition.