New Update! Ebook Choosing a Career in Social Work is now live! Click here!

March is National Social Work month, so there is no better time than now to learn what it takes to become a social worker, and decide if a career in social work is right for you. Our society is in need of social workers to fulfill valuable roles in clinical and community settings, helping individuals, groups, and communities to change, grow, and thrive. That’s why we’re excited to announce the upcoming release of a new e-book published by MSWCareers entitled Choosing a Career in Social Work. If you’ve ever considered working for social justice and human rights by becoming a social worker, Choosing a Career in Social Work will be the perfect companion to your decision-making process.

Choosing a Career in Social Work is a comprehensive resource for prospective social workers, providing invaluable guidance on starting a social work career, choosing the right Master of Social Work graduate program, and shaping social work education to meet career goals. If you are considering a career in social justice or social services, thinking about pursuing a social work education, or wondering how to work with a particular population, this book is meant for you! Choosing a Career in Social Work also provides helpful information for current BSW and MSW students who are looking to get the most of their education, and even practicing social workers who are considering the next steps in advancing their career.

For anyone who has questions about a career in social work, this book is designed to answer them. Choosing a Career in Social Work is divided into three parts:

  1. Part 1: Getting Started in Your Social Work Career provides useful information to help you decide if the field of social work is right for you. Whether you are a young person beginning undergraduate education or an experienced professional considering a career change, this section will help you weigh the pros and cons of a career in social work and point you towards the education you need to get there.
  2. Part 2: Considering a Graduate Program is a definitive guide for any prospective student interested in obtaining a Master of Social Work degree. Not only does it provide guidance on the decision to pursue an MSW, it contains practical information about MSW program requirements and formats, to help you choose the option best for you.
  3. Part 3: Planning your MSW Around your Career Goals gives current and prospective MSW students an enhanced understanding of how to specialize their social work education to match their career goals. This section informs you how to maximize your educational experience and make yourself stand out so you can land the social work job of your dreams!

We hope you are excited as we are for this upcoming e-book, Choosing A Career in Social Work today – a comprehensive guide to becoming a social worker, and advancing in your social work education and career!

In addition to this soon-to-be-released new e-book, the MSWCareers blog provides a wealth of information to complement Choosing a Career in Social Work that will help you understand the options, issues, and career paths most relevant to the social work profession. If you’re interested in learning more about job prospects in social work, you can see expected job growth for social workers and the top 3 areas to focus your MSW in 2019. You can also learn more about the wide array of specialized positions within the diverse field of social work you can attain: from pediatric social workers to forensic social workers, medical social workers to school social workers, there are many possible career paths and settings. If you’re interested in reading about potential challenges and pressing issues that impact social workers, check out the Social Work Challenge Series or Ethical Dilemma Topics for up-to-date information and practical guidance.

This Social Work Month, we hope you will take advantage of these resources and look for our new e-book, Choosing a Career in Social Work, to help you on your journey to becoming a social worker! Choosing a Career in Social Work will be available soon!