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2 06, 2017

What Social Workers Need to Know: Making Words Powerful and Purposeful

2017-12-06T18:04:21+00:00By |Ethical Dilemma|

Social Work Ethics: Words Used Wrong Not many years ago, the word “gay” became used as a commonplace slang expression in many dominant cultures to mean stupid, bad, unimportant, inferior. This paradoxical misuse of a word that means happy and joyous was directly related to its second meaning: homosexual. Social work ethics do not condone the [...]

4 05, 2016

Social Media & Client Boundaries

2016-10-24T13:53:41+00:00By |Ask A Social Worker|

Social media boundaries with clients - what if they “friend request” you? Can I accept? Answer provided by contributing expert, Brandon Haydon, LCSW. The proliferation of social media and telecommunications is a growing point of interest and a challenge for the social work profession to navigate in terms of boundaries. This is especially important [...]

28 04, 2016

Ethics & Gifts From Clients

2018-05-31T15:49:19+00:00By |Ask A Social Worker, Ethical Dilemma|

I often get gifts from clients – can I keep them? Answer provided by contributing expert, Brandon Haydon, LCSW. This can be an ethical dilemma, as we want to preserve the importance of human relationships and honor the intentions and goodwill or clients, but protect our professionalism and respect their vulnerability through maintaining boundaries. [...]