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8 04, 2019

BridgingApps: An Online App Search Tool for a Variety of Social Work Needs

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Recent advances in technology have created opportunities previously unimaginable. We can video-chat with loved ones in real time across the world, control our homes remotely, and do much of our banking and shopping online. The power of the smartphone, and the many applications available for download, has also created new opportunities for maintaining and improving [...]

25 03, 2019

4 Game-changers With Social Work Backgrounds

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Most social workers do not start their professions looking for fame and accolades. Yet some social workers become such prominent advocates for their communities that they find themselves in positions of great power and influence – helping shape public policy and decisions that affect people across the nation and the world. With so many diverse social worker career opportunities, the five [...]

3 12, 2018

The Grand Challenges for Social Work

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What is the Grand Challenge Initiative? Social workers are needed now more than ever to tackle the world’s complex, global, and inter-related problems. Research has shown that social workers have positively transformed society during the profession’s last century of history. Now, social work practitioners and scholars are looking toward the future impact of social work [...]

26 11, 2018

How to Find a Licensed Social Worker Near You

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Social workers assist organizations, communities, groups, families, and individuals in a variety of ways. Whether you’ve experienced a traumatic crisis or are just in need of additional family support, social workers are able to help by providing counseling and psychotherapy services, connecting clients to resources, and advocating for clients’ needs. The first step to seeking [...]

11 11, 2018

Helping Children Living in Poverty

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With millions of children in America living below the poverty line, the job of social workers is vital to helping them achieve a better future. The latest findings on income and poverty in America paint a grim picture: 43.1 million people (13.5 percent of the population) are living in poverty, including 14.5 million (19.7 percent) children under the age [...]

25 10, 2018

5 Social Workers Featured in the Media

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As the social work profession has grown and gained recognition for the valuable work of its practitioners, social workers have recently become the subjects of documentaries, magazine articles, and other media pieces. These five social workers have been prominently featured in the media, bringing further recognition to the profession as a whole and to the [...]

1 10, 2018

How Social Workers Can Serve the Latino Population

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For social workers serving Latino clients, understanding the diverse range of nationalities, countries and cultures that make up this community is critical. Developing this cultural competence and cultural humility will help them to improve the way they serve and communicate with their Latino clients. As one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the U.S., Latinos accounted for more than half of [...]

24 09, 2018

A Day in the Life of a Social Worker

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The specific roles and responsibilities of a social worker vary according to which field they work in and their specific role. However they broadly involve helping people in need by working with social services organizations and communities, as well as advocating for the needs and best interests of their clients. Social workers and social services workers wear [...]

18 09, 2018

Support and Networking Tips for Social Workers

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Savvy social workers often seek out peer support, mentoring and networking opportunities. Who can you turn to for guidance and connections? Social workers do their best to meet the needs of others – every day, year after year. While this can be highly rewarding, it also puts you at significant risk of burnout if you don't feel supported [...]

17 09, 2018

Your Guide to Becoming a Social Worker

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Interested in becoming a social worker? If you care about the welfare of people and want to play a role in the betterment of society, it can be an ideal first career. The basic educational requirement for becoming a social worker is a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) or a related discipline. Fieldwork experience is also highly valued by employers, [...]

31 08, 2018

Great-paying Jobs in Social Work: They Do Exist

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Many social workers enter the field based on their deep-seated passion for helping others. With an advanced social work degree and the drive to provide care for those who need it, pursuing a career as a social worker can be as rewarding financially as it is rich in purpose. RELATED:  3 Highest Paid Social Work Industries (By State & [...]

28 08, 2018

Career Insights from 3 Leaders Who Are Changing Social Work

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A successful career in social work and advocacy can take many different directions – through politics, the nonprofit world and even clinical settings – all of which have unique requirements and roles. One thing remains true for all successful social workers though: a dedication to their cause. Below we highlight three influential agents of change who describe [...]

25 08, 2018

How Social Workers Can Better Serve LGBTQ Clients

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The quest to ensure social work practices are LGBTQ-inclusive occurs on a number of levels. It requires the development of knowledge around LGBTQ issues, rethinking individual interactions with clients and colleagues, and advocating for change on a policy level. Why Inclusivity of LGBTQ Individuals Is Critical To not be discriminated against based on sexual orientation or gender identity is a basic human right. Yet [...]

30 07, 2018

The Benefits of Social Work: Why You Should Invest in an MSW

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A career in social work offers an array of emotional and intellectual benefits, and a Master’s of Social Work (MSW) is your ticket to a long and rewarding professional journey. If you’re searching for a meaningful, in-demand career that offers variety and the opportunity to make a real difference, social work may be a perfect fit. There’s no doubt social work is emotionally [...]

27 06, 2018

Social Work Salary 101: What You Can Expect

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Social work is a highly skilled profession that requires a good understanding of the humanities and social sciences, as well as strong interpersonal and communication skills. A social work salary should reflect this but, like any other profession, it can vary widely depending on experience, seniority, field of practice, education level and location. Here's a quick guide [...]

13 06, 2018

5 Leading Social Workers Influencing the Industry

2018-09-21T18:22:02+00:00By |Industry Articles & Topics|

How five leading social workers are influencing the industry today – shaping the nature of modern social work research, theory and service delivery. The social worker environment is full of inspiring individuals working at all levels of the field. The nature of the industry and the role social work plays in society means it attracts people who are passionate about doing [...]

30 05, 2018

5 Initiatives Changing Communities Around the World

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Social workers around the world are playing a key role in important initiatives that seek to create local and global change. Across the U.S. and around the world, social workers and social service workers play an active part in community initiatives that make a difference. From local art projects that raise awareness of social issues to global programs [...]

22 05, 2018

Top Paying Social Work Jobs

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While social workers go into the field for love — not money — there are several high-paying jobs within the industry. An advanced degree can help graduates obtain them. There are many reasons people choose to pursue a social work career. Chief among them are the desire to help vulnerable individuals and communities, the wish to better society [...]

3 05, 2018

A Short History of Social Work: The Roots of Your Profession

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The History of Social Work The earliest origins of social work (dating back to the Middle Ages) were in church-based ministering to the poor, which evolved into the philanthropic and social justice movements of the 19th century. Today, social workers are still connected to these originating tenets of compassion, fairness and community progress. The modern social work profession grew from [...]

19 04, 2018

The Heart of Social Work: Why Social Justice is So Important

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A concern for social justice has always been an essential part of social services and social work. What are the historical origins of these values and how have they shaped the modern profession? The social work profession is built on the concern for social justice. Social workers and social service workers play a pivotal role in opening [...]

10 04, 2018

How Technology Is Transforming Social Work Education

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What technological changes are shaping the way social work education is delivered to America’s next generation of social workers? Find out here. Just like other industries, social work is being shaped by the increasing adoption of new technologies. This is also true of social work education, where digital technology is changing how the next generation of social workers [...]

28 03, 2018

How Do You Become a Diversity Trainer?

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A growing demand for diversity trainers is giving U.S. social workers an exciting career opportunity. An important aspect of being a social worker is the ability to demonstrate social and cultural sensitivity toward clients. With the U.S. undergoing significant demographic and cultural change, diversity concern is no longer limited to race and gender. It also involves the social welfare and [...]

20 08, 2017

Dual Degrees in Social Work: Is it Right for Me?

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Dual Degrees in Social Work: Is it Right for Me? Social work as a field of academic study is by nature interdisciplinary – it draws from various traditional academic disciplines, such as sociology and psychology, to form its educational foundation. Dual degrees in social work programs can be an option for further education. Social workers [...]

28 07, 2017

Bullying in Schools: How Social Workers Can Help Prevent It

2017-03-31T21:30:52+00:00By |Bullying|

Bullying in Schools: How Common is it? Bullying in schools has long been an issue that is dealt with by parents with their kids in one way or another when their child is school. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involve a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has [...]

25 07, 2017

How Important is Self Care for Social Workers?

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Social Workers and Social Work Self Care Social work self care: Some years ago I owned and operated a yoga and wellness studio in my hometown. One day when I was participating in a Mindfulness and Meditation class there was construction going on outside affecting the building and our space. As we sat cross-legged, eyes [...]

18 07, 2017

Body Focused Repetitive Behavior: A Social Worker’s Guide

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What is Body Focused Repetitive Behavior? Body focused repetitive behavior (BFRB) or body focused repetitive disorder refers to a grouping of compulsive behaviors that damage an individual’s physical appearance through repeated negative tactile attention. These disorders are considered to be on the obsessive-compulsive disorder spectrum. BRFBs can take a number of forms, focused on different [...]

13 07, 2017

Career Spotlight: Working In Government Health and Human Services as a Social Worker

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While social workers may choose to work in the non-profit or private sector, there are many opportunities for social workers to be fruitfully employed in the public sector as well. Government Health and Human Services jobs are often negatively portrayed as bureaucratic and ineffective, the impersonal nature of which is at odds with the social [...]

6 07, 2017

What Social Workers Need to Know About CyberBullying

2018-09-21T18:08:34+00:00By |Bullying|

What is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is becoming a growing issue in the world today. When talking about bullying with clients that have been victims it's important to have an understanding of how it has evolved over the last 25 years. Back in the 1990's if a kid was getting bullied it would take some time for [...]

6 07, 2017

Find Out Which In-Demand Career Paths Are Available for Social Workers

2017-03-31T01:10:31+00:00By |Careers|

A Master of Social Work degree provides the opportunity for graduates to gain extensive training in grant writing and proposal development, honing this valuable skill for a potential future career as a development professional. In the competitive funding landscape of the social service sector, there is a growing demand for skilled grant writers at non-profit organizations, [...]

3 07, 2017

Social Work Tips: Understand Bullying and How to Help

2018-06-22T16:46:54+00:00By |Bullying|

Bullying prevention has been in the national spotlight for almost a decade now as schools have attempted to increase awareness and respond to increase rates of teen suicide and depression. Bullying Prevention:Understand Bullying and How to Help Part 1.  Too Close to Home As a social worker, child therapist, and mother of two school-age children [...]

29 06, 2017

Career Spotlight: Community Organizer. How Social Workers Can Make an Impact

2017-03-31T01:01:57+00:00By |Advocacy, Careers|

What is a Community Organizer? Organizing people has long been a part of the U.S. politics. The community organizer encourages people to take collective action. From suffragettes demanding votes for women to the countless strategic collective actions taken as a part of the civil rights movement, to the recent protests against the “Muslim ban” at international [...]

16 06, 2017

Social Work Values: What We Do as Social Workers Matters

2017-12-06T22:55:26+00:00By |Ask A Social Worker|

Social Work Values: What We Do Counts So much of what we do in social work, from micro to macro level practice to social work values, is essentially arriving at new ways of trusting the process and committing to the journey while advocating for ourselves. Not so different from what we expect and hope for our [...]

7 06, 2017

What Career Options Do I Have As A Social Worker?

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Careers in Social Work: Dual-Degree Options for Social Work Students Those interested in pursuing a social work education will likely become aware of a variety of dual-degree options offered by many universities and colleges, combining social work training with studies in another discipline. These programs allow students to earn two advanced degrees simultaneously, one of [...]

2 06, 2017

What Social Workers Need to Know: Making Words Powerful and Purposeful

2017-12-06T18:04:21+00:00By |Ethical Dilemma|

Social Work Ethics: Words Used Wrong Not many years ago, the word “gay” became used as a commonplace slang expression in many dominant cultures to mean stupid, bad, unimportant, inferior. This paradoxical misuse of a word that means happy and joyous was directly related to its second meaning: homosexual. Social work ethics do not condone the [...]

30 05, 2017

Activism and Social Work: The Relational Being

2017-12-06T21:54:17+00:00By |Industry Articles & Topics|

My Experience with Activism Contributed by Brandon Haydon, LCSW Before the decision to enter social work, I was an activist engaged in a number of social movements, such as LGBTQ rights, anti-racism, and radical economic justice. Throughout my MSW program and my first years as a professional, I have dealt a lot with an overarching conundrum [...]

26 05, 2017

How to Make the Decision to Endorse a Client’s Appeal for Independent Housing?

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Social Work Goals and the Needs of Clients Having to endorse an appeal for a client for independent housing is something a social worker will no doubt come across when working with clients throughout their careers. Social work goals differ from client to client. Various types of housing for people who have mental illness can [...]

24 05, 2017

How to Help Someone Having a Panic Attack. What Social Workers Need to Know

2017-12-06T22:53:14+00:00By |Ask A Social Worker|

Panic Attack Help Social Workers Panic attacks can be a truly harrowing experience for both the client and clinician. Working in clinical social work, your likelihood of encountering someone who experiences panic attacks is significant. As a Social Worker, knowing effective panic attack help strategies is important. A recent US survey suggested that panic attacks [...]

25 04, 2017

Working With People With Paranoia: What Social Workers Need to Know

2018-05-24T03:16:48+00:00By |Ask A Social Worker|

Tips for Helping People with Paranoia Social workers are highly likely to encounter people exhibiting some paranoid features at some time in their careers. From features of psychotic disorders like schizophrenia to degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's to effects from some prolonged substance dependence disorders and even some personality disorders, paranoia of varying degrees is [...]

17 04, 2017

Having a WRAP Plan: How Social Workers Can Help Clients with Mental Health Issues

2017-12-07T21:27:19+00:00By |Ask A Social Worker|

Working with Clients with Mental Health Diagnoses When a loved one is living with a mental health diagnosis, it is life changing not only for that person but also for their family members. Regardless of age having to raise a child with a mental health diagnosis can be very overwhelming. Addiction to alcohol and drugs can bring [...]

11 04, 2017

Attention Social Workers: Understanding Addiction Recovery Groups. Observing a 12-Step Recovery Group through the Lens of Group Work

2018-05-30T21:54:43+00:00By |Industry Articles & Topics|

Abstract 12 step addiction recovery groups like Alcoholics Anonymous can be seen as some of the longest-running and most prolific resources of community-based support for people struggling with addiction and substance abuse issues in the U.S. The following study is the first-person account of the author, a social worker, attending an open meeting on the [...]

4 04, 2017

New to Social Work? Start Here

2017-12-07T19:28:42+00:00By |Ask A Social Worker|

On Being New to Social Work Whether your title is therapist, counselor, case manager or the like, becoming a social worker the field can be scary. You question your skillset, your ability to best help your clients, if you’re prepared enough, if you can handle difficult situations, which techniques to use, which theoretical framework is best, what that [...]

23 03, 2017

Social Workers Help Promote Positivity and Hope: The Hope Kaleidoscope

2017-12-07T20:13:03+00:00By |Advocacy, Ask A Social Worker|

The Goals of Social Work: The Hope Kaleidoscope We can think about the goals of social work - whether clinical, community, advocacy, or teaching - as a mutually transformative process. No matter the scope of your social work specialization, what we do impacts the world around us and subsequently ourselves - it both emanates and [...]

21 03, 2017

Social Worker Fields of Practice: Get Salary and Other Info Per Field

2018-07-05T19:58:27+00:00By |Industry Articles & Topics|

Social Worker Fields of Practice Social Work can be very rewarding. It's important to find the right Social Worker fields of practice for you. In this article, we'll cover these social worker fields of practice: Aging / Gerontology Child Welfare Criminal Justice / Corrections Drugs and Alcohol / Addictive Behaviors Education / School Social Work Family [...]

15 03, 2017

10 Strategies for Evoking Change Talk for Social Workers

2017-12-07T21:21:25+00:00By |Industry Articles & Topics|

Motivational Interviewing in social work is a counseling style that has gained serious momentum in the field within the past 15 years. It is a goal-oriented and client-centered approach that allows clients to use change talk to change behavior and reach positive goals. Changing a behavior is a difficult process but, according to Motivational Interviewing, [...]

9 03, 2017

Qualitative or Quantitative Research in Social Work

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As an interdisciplinary profession, social work grew out of many traditional professions such as psychology and sociology, whose research foundations are grounded in empirical science. These traditional disciplines have historically viewed quantitative research in social work has been seen as the only acceptable methods for empirical discovery and understanding. Evidence-Based Practice Social work is not [...]

3 03, 2017

Overcoming Language and Communication Barriers in Social Work

2018-05-31T15:32:48+00:00By |Industry Articles & Topics|

Overcoming Language and Communication Barriers in Social Work Imagine walking into a room full of people who are speaking a language that you don’t understand. How would you feel? Would it make you anxious? Would you feel lost? Working in the social work field it is inevitable that you would run into a client who [...]

28 02, 2017

Narrative Therapy in Practice: Counter Documents and Therapeutic Letters

2017-12-07T20:08:40+00:00By |Industry Articles & Topics|

The Narrative Approach in Social Work Commonly in therapeutic work, clinicians must keep progress notes, billing documents, and other important paperwork that together comprise a client’s case file. Learn more about how best to use the narrative approach in social work. This collection of documents is often required by an agency’s operating procedures and often [...]

8 02, 2017

Public Shaming on Social Media – Is It Ever a Good Parenting Strategy?

2018-05-31T16:06:47+00:00By |Ask A Social Worker, Bullying|

Social media has dramatically changed the way many parents raise and reprimand their children. With more parents actively participating in the ubiquitous world of online social networks, an increasing number are using it as a platform to publicly shame and punish their children. What can families and social workers do to address this growing issue? [...]

3 02, 2017

For-profit and Non-profit Organizations: How Do They Differ for Social Workers?

2017-01-30T23:14:41+00:00By |Ask A Social Worker|

For social workers, deciding between working for a non-profit or for-profit organization can be a juggling act of ethical, financial and cultural considerations. So what's the right career move for you? While many would consider the non-profit space a perfect fit for those interested in social work, there are pros and cons that need to [...]

30 01, 2017

Social Work Research: Using Participatory Action Research

2017-12-01T19:55:53+00:00By |Ask A Social Worker, Industry Articles & Topics|

Social Work Research: Using Participatory Action Research Participatory action social work research has long been linked positively to the social work profession, due to its emphasis on systemic social change, the liberation of marginalized groups, and examination of systems of power and knowledge. These core components, along with a focus on working with grassroots groups and [...]

12 01, 2017

Native American Water Rights: Social Work Advocacy In Action and The Dakota Access Pipeline

2017-12-07T19:27:34+00:00By |Advocacy, Industry Articles & Topics|

The Issue: Native American Water Rights Social workers are dedicated to advocacy and action in service to marginalized and oppressed groups, which can include the Native Americans and Native American Water Rights. Native Americans, or First Nations peoples, a diverse array of tribes, cultures, and traditions, have been among the most oppressed and injured groups in [...]

8 12, 2016

Asylum Seekers: Tips for Your Social Work Practice. Read on to find out how you can help.

2017-12-07T21:22:38+00:00By |Industry Articles & Topics|

Prior to gaining asylee status, asylum seekers in the U.S. are considered to be undocumented and are therefore denied government benefits and legal work authorization (National Immigration Law Center, 2011/2012; USCIS, 2013). Most Agencies Won't Help Them They are shut out from the vast majority of community service agencies which require payment or insurance. Agencies [...]

12 10, 2016

NASW’s Call For The Behavioral Health Care Manager

2016-11-02T19:06:08+00:00By |Industry Articles & Topics|

The National Association of Social Workers has put out a call for social workers to inform themselves about a unique social work position, Behavioral Health Care Manager, and advocate for social workers to be included in the language and official job requisites for this title and funding eligibility. What is a Behavioral Health Care Manager? [...]

5 10, 2016

Taking Action on Social Work Student Loan Debt

2018-05-31T16:15:56+00:00By |Industry Articles & Topics|

Social Work Student Loan Debt Continues to Outpace Social Work Salaries: Learn More About Loan Forgiveness for Social Workers Social work student loan debt is a growing issue in the social services community. Being a social worker is a multifaceted role that requires caring, committed, and educated people to deliver the crucial services to populations [...]

16 06, 2016

Collaborative and Narrative Therapies

2017-03-14T19:01:21+00:00By |Industry Articles & Topics|

Social Work Approaches and Therapies Collaborative and Narrative Therapies are considered to be the “postmodern therapies”. These social work approaches are similar in their social constructionist premises but differ significantly in their use of interventions and their use of the facilitator. Collaborative therapy is based on postmodernism and hermeneutics (the study of interpretation), has no interventions, [...]